Backdrop Ready: An Introduction

There is always that one steer, the one everyone is talking about... growing up, that was always my motivation. I wanted to have THAT steer come August at the Illinois State Fair. Unfortunately, my days as a junior quickly passed me by. While I no longer find myself in the show ring, I am finding new ways to live out my dreams; and The Onyx Steer is one of them. As you find yourselves browsing the vendors at shows in the future, I hope to be considered your "barn favorite".

Now let me introduce myself: my name is Johnna Thompson, the owner of The Onyx Steer. My roots for agriculture run deep, showing cattle and pigs during my junior career all while living on my families grain and livestock farm . Those years spent on the farm and the countless hours invested in showing livestock were the foundation for where I am today. However, as I got older and started doing my own thing, (styling my own house and building my "adult" worthy wardrobe) I fell more and more in love with the western inspired lifestyle. After years of idolizing other boutique owners, (Shout out to the Bloomberg women: Mary with Jamies Jewels and Jamie - Shop Hayzen J) I decided it was time to stop watching others live out their dreams and start building mine. Combining my love for the west and my midwestern roots, The Onyx Steer was born.

Through this adventure I plan to do semi-regular blog posts about being "backdrop ready" with specific styles throughout the seasons. I will do "how to's" on styling different pieces, share stories with you about the unique Native American jewelry I will have available, and do regular updates regarding the website and which shows and events you may be able to find me at.

I look forward to getting to know each and every one of you and, in the meantime, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.

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